Vester Hassing School

Vester Hassing School wished to revolutionize their learning environment in order for it to go hand in hand with their pedagogical principles and innovation, the IT profile and not the least with the learning ideas, they expected to carry out.
After visiting 3 schools with 3 different profiles, Vester Hassing school decided to establish two test environments to decide which direction that would suit them best. 

Order a test room – lower school

One of the test environments is located in the lower school and constitutes an additional class room, which the different classes of the lower school can book by turns. The ideal situation is that each class uses the rooms for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Vester Hassing feature image Vester Hassing skole
Vester Hassing 6 klasse4 Vester Hassing skole

Permanent test room – 6th grade

The other test room is designed for a 6th Grade class and will be used a permanent class room. Furthermore for the 6th Grade classes a common area is assigned and this area has also been re-designed in regards to function and value and in connection to the other rooms in the same age group. Passive areas have been activated and consequently, it is possible to make change of scenery fluently without disturbing the classroom teaching and the pupils’ work.

« Changing can be hard, but not here. All the pupils have adapted to the these new and

very different surroundings very quickly. »

The room has strengtened the pupils’ social relationship and in a socially well-functioning class, the pupils have come even closer to one another.
It has been a sound experience to move into the test environment and not just to be visiting. The challenges, the pupils and the teachers have met earlier, have been replaced by a new and even more valuable way to carry out a day of school.