Reading caves in a learning environment

Reading caves can contribute to creating a room within the room, that offers a safe environment and screens the pupils, while producing a quiet place for contemplation. Consequently, reading caves are perfect for individual work, but also when it comes to group work and projects because of the surrounding sides and the upholstery. It creates a screen from the outside activities and reduces the noise level, so the pupil can concentrate on his/her task.

A part from being a perfect solution for carrying out assignments, the cave is a place, where the students can sit and enjoy a little privacy, while taking a break from the everyday life. It offers room and space for students’ differences in order for them to feel safe and being able to unfold at their own pace. The reading caves can also be used by teachers and students that engage in a private conversation/feedback and in other situations that require a safe space and a protecting environment for more personal issues.