About Højer Møbler

Højer Møbler is a Danish company with more than 32 years of experience in developing, producing and delivering learning environments for the educational sector. We believe that a carefully and well thought interior design in the form of functional, inspiring and innovative solutions support the different learning styles and create optimal conditions for people within learning and development. The right solution is not just about choosing the right furniture, but also to equip and apply the furniture so that they support the goals of teaching and promote physical well-being and learning.


When we look at quality at Højer Møbler, we automatically look at parameters like long life expectancy and circular economy. Moreover, counselling in regard to interior design and products help create a long-lasting and overall experience of the quality. And last but not least, we claim to offer the longest warranty period for school furniture in Europe.


At Højer Møbler we are working to reduce the company’s environmental impact. We take responsibility for the next generation because we believe that many small efforts benefit everyone in the big picture.


Our certification efficiency and environmental friendliness are the main goals of our production partners and products. We strive to meet the highest standards in the industry.



Long life expectancy and circular economy

Højer Møbler traditionally delivers a high and consistent quality regardless of which field we work in. Consequently, we follow a strict quality management program, where we emphasize on an eco-friendly and sustainable development of furniture and always choose a high and robust quality during the whole process from selection of material to the actual creation of a product.

The key issue and fundamental element in our process of product creation is: To ensure the resources for the next generation.

All this to economise on the raw material of the earth and bring focus to eco-friendly decisions all through the process.

This means:

  • that our main focus is to create products with the longest possible life expectancy, in order for the product to be kept in a circular system hence ensuring the highest value for the longest period of time.
  • that we design and manufacture our furniture in modular designs where each wearing part can be replaced, and the product can be maintained continuously.
  • that WHEN the product must be discarded at the end, it can be dismantled and separated into different elements to be recycled.

We call this Circular Economy.


At Højer Møbler, we offer both products which we develop ourselves and we offer a selection of products manufactured by other suppliers. In this way, we offer a wide and comprehensive product range. We set high standards for the durability and stability of the furniture, no matter if it regards our own product line or products from other suppliers. With our experience and knowledge about learning environments, we know as a fact that the furniture is handled quite severely. And this applies even more when the room is used actively and there are many shifts during class.

Our experience tells us that the quality of our products is so high that we can offer 20 years warranty. So that is what we do!
All our products keep what we promise. Therefore, the 20-year warranty covers:

  • ALL kinds of product errors whether existing or occurring during normal use of the product.

The warranty does NOT cover vandalism or incorrect use of the product nor wearing parts as gas cylinders, wheels, rubber buffers etc..


At Højer Møbler we sell our own products, but we also sell items from other manufacturers. This is to offer our customers a wide and versatile product range. We place high demands on the durability and stability of the furniture, whether it’s our own products or made by a supplier. This is due to our experience and knowledge of learning environments, which shows that the furniture is exposed to a significant load in daily use. This is even truer if the room is used actively and there are many changes of seating positions during the day. We are confident in the longevity of our furniture, especially with our proprietary products. This is both good for the environment and our customers’ finances.

In our development process, we closely follow the pedagogical and didactic development, and we try to be close to our customers, both through visits and dialogues. We see it as our finest task to observe the needs when they arise with our customers, even those that our customers are not aware of, so we can develop solutions that support the changing conditions of the educational practice.

The development process is supported by our interdisciplinary knowledge in ergonomics, learning environments, industrial design, the design of spaces, materials and production, as well as our 25 years of experience in furniture production for educational institutions. When we develop our products, safety during use is important to us, both in terms of chemistry and construction. We have tested several of our proprietary products at the Danish Technological Institute for evaporation and strength. At the same time, we test the durability and functionality of products at selected educational institutions when we develop a profound new product. Thus, we get concrete feedback that can be used in the future and in our last product improvements before we finally implement the product in our product range.

”Man is not made to sit passively, but to move and variate this movement. We put good ergonomics at the top of our product development, but our overall attitude is that the best sitting position is always the next. The student often spends a lot of time at an educational institution, and it is important that we through the solution offer a varied seating position.”


At Højer we create value for you by:

  • Deliver a high and consistent quality that exceeds the agreed requirements.
  • Acquire new knowledge and technology via networking.
  • Be in constant development with a focus on optimization.

Sustainable forestry

Owner Jens Højer is also the owner of Højer Forest in Nothern Jutland, with the purpose of giving back to nature. The forest is a protected forest, with over 40.000 trees planted on an area of 9.8 hectares. A lake and footpaths have also been created, to the benefit of the local wildlife and citizens.


At Højer Møbler we are working hard to reduce our environmental impact, right from when the furniture begins its life as raw material, through production and until it is recycled. This is the purpose of our environmental management system.

The means that…

  • We produce products of high quality
  • We use enviromental friendly materials
  • We work towards a fully sustainable production
  • We strive towards reducing and recycling our waste and we support sustainable forresting

We are also active in Netværket for Bæredygtig Erhvervsudvikling i NordDanmark (Network for Sustainable Business development in Northern Denmark), which provides us with inspiration and encourages to think even more sustainable.

High quality with a long lifespan

When Højer Møbler A/S produces furniture of high quality with a lifespan of a minimum of 20 years, we are making sure that our customers gets most value for money. At the same time we are reducing the average environmental impact of the product. This is due to the fact that the environmental impact is largest around the production stage and low during use. This means that the longer a client can wait to buy new furniure, the better it is for the environment.

Environmentally friendly materials and chemistry

It is our wish to make funiture, which supports and works great in with the daily lives of our customers. This obviously involves ensuring that all our self-produced products meets the requirements set by Danish Indoor Climate Labeling tested at the Institute of Technology. This also means that our self-produced furniture does not contain chemicals from the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of unwanted chemicals.
Furthermore we guarantee that on our self-produced furniture:

  • Particleboard and plywood are free of formaldehyde glue and treated with a water-based wetcoat that is not acid-curable but UV-cured and thus has no evaporation of toxins because cure is immediate.
  • Our metal components are painted with powder coating, a dry coat that is free from the solvents that are the source of toxic emissions in air and drains, and whose utilization rate is very close to 100%.
  • None of our plastic materials or plastics are manufactured in the hormone disruptive material PVC, and the plastic materials never contain phthalates or Bisphenol-A, which are also hormone disruptive and environmentally harmful.
  • The fabrics used, flamingo balls in beanbags and cold foam in the upholstered chairs are treated with flame retardants for safety reasons, but none of the substances are brominated flame retardants which are dangerous to the environment and humans.

Sustainable production

In the development of new products, we make an eco rating, where we score the products based on a number of relevant environmental issues, including lifespan, materials, transport optimization, and disposal. Thus, we motivate ourselves to make the right environmental choices in the development process and always focus on where we can improve the environmental impact of the product. At Højer Møbler A/S, sustainable procurement of all materials is an important subject. Therefore, it is a high priority for us to choose Danish suppliers when possible, so CO2 emissions from procurement of materials are as low as possible. At the same time, we have a close cooperation with our primary suppliers on how we can make production even more sustainable through new initiatives.

Waste management

We recycle our waste in the biggest capacity we possibly can, and deliver the rest of the waste, such as paper, cardboard, plastic and metal to recycling through Stena Recycling. We wrap our furniture in blankets and plastic wrap, without compromising on the quality of packaging. We bring the blankets and plastic back after delivery. That way we can use the blankets again for the next delivery, and that the plastic is correctly recycled. It is not only during delivery we are improving our waste management. As early as in our developmental process, we keep focus on developing our furniture that is easy for the end-user to separate into parts of raw material, which can then be recycled.


Højer Møbler A/S is a responsible and environmentally aware company by:

  • Creating long-lasting and ressource saving solutions, to prevent and reduce our environmental impact.
  • Inspire customers and collaborators to chose sustainable solutions
  • Trade with competent, responsible and local partners