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Højer Møbler participated in’s competition to become the most innovative company in Northern Jutland. Sadly, we did not grab the trophy, but we are sure we were the runner-up.

Thank you for a good annual meeting

Thank you for a good annual meeting at “Skolelederforeningens Årsmøde” (School Leader Association Annual Meeting) thursday and friday the 22nd and 23rd of October in Musikhuset in Aarhus. We were very pleased that so many stopped by our stand.

Bork School learns better, more fun and more actively.

At Bork School, we organized a competition in which pupils and teachers were to explore how the Zap concept could help learn better, more fun and more actively.

The competition allowed the school to implement the product as best as possible and at the same time provide us with important feedback to our product development department at Højer Møbler.

This is a video made by the 2nd and 3rd grade. Read more about Bork School and Zap Concept at

Højer Møbler is working strategically with environmental management

Watch and learn why Højer Møbler works strategically with environmental management as a part of the company DNA, and as a part of the company’s development of new products.

Students at Fjerritslev Highschool presents…

In Fjerritslev, the high school received the opportunity to create new frameworks around their media studies classroom. Højer Møbler supplied the decor. The students at Fjerritslev Gymnasium have made a video where they tell us what they think about the change and how they use the room.

Method of getting the Amfi staircase through doors

The minimum width for transporting an Amfi staircase through a narrow hallway is 110 cm. Possible only if the furniture is transported on the vertical side. (Part 1 in video). The minimum width of a doorway (if there is room next to the door) is 70 cm. (Part 2 in video) A standard door is 80 cm in the doorway.

Bork School on implementing Zap Concept

Headmaster Jens Otto Pedersen from Bork School explains what Bork School wanted to achieve in relation to the interior decor of the school and how the Højer Møbler’s Zap concept was implemented.

Højer Møbler presents: MUTE tabletop

After a long day of school, many students and teachers go home, not only with new knowledge, but also with headaches due to the high level of noise in the class. Therefore, at Højer Møbler A/S, we have been working to develop a product that could solve the problem.

Students lounging in beanbags

There is a seat for all students, but that does not necessarily mean that everyone gets a seat on a chair in front of a table. At Vester School in Silkeborg they experiment with new forms of interior design in the classrooms.