Boards and lighting with focus on your needs

The posibilities are endless, when you are chosing boards or lighting. The final choice of product depends on your need. If IT-solutions are used often in class, a smartboard could create progress in the technological and pedagogical areas of flexible learning, while mobile boards are great for group work and brainstorming. With chalkboards, glassboards or whiteboards, you can create the optimal framework for differentiated learning. Lighting has often times a bigger influence on the room that most would think, and the right lighting can transform boring and dull areas into cozy or exciting oasises and effective workspace. Lighting also directly affects our physical well-being and a bad influence can result in headaches through overstimulation of the eyes. At Højer Møbler we keep this in focus and it is important that we offer lighting solutions that provide the correct lighting with long lifespan and minimal energy consumption.