Zap Concept

Zap concept is an innovative furniture concept that revolutionizes the way we think and create learning environments. Zap Concept is a functional, flexible and mobile workstation that can transform other passive areas and rooms to workplaces for both students and teachers. Zap Concept can replace parts of the stationary furniture or be incorporated into the school’s existing interior and architecture – and provide greater freedom in teaching and space for differentiated learning. Read more on the website:

Zap Concept is a product line, which Zap Boards as a core element, creates unique solutions, adaptable to all different types of educational environments – indoor and outdoor. Zap Concept consists of the following products: Zap Boards, Zap Rubber bands, Zap wall rail, Zap Totem, Zap Totem Outdoor.

Product sheets

For more information please contact Højer Møbler. To see a product sheet in one of the following languages, please download from the list below.