Skolforum 140457 The effect of the physical room on learning

Skolforum Fair in Stockholm

At this years’ Skolforum Fair in Stockholm at the end of October, Højer Møbler arranged the program for the Learning Environment Scene (Lärmiljöscenen) together with the Skolforum Fair.

Skolforum 113155 The effect of the physical room on learning

The theme of the Fair was Equality (Likvärdighet) and the different guest speakers accounted for their experience with physical learning environments. They shared how the learning environment can support the wellbeing of the pupils and thereby have a positive influence on their acquisition and development within the school.

One of the guest speakers asked the listeners to change seats during the lecture as to underlign the importance of avoiding inactivity and thereby passivity.

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The interior solution helps children to be included in the class

Another speaker talked about the requirement for different types of rooms within the classroom to meet special needs of some children. By making a diffentiated interior solution it is possible to avoid that the places for these children stand out and therefore help including them in the group.

Skolforum 153137 The effect of the physical room on learning

In this way, the interior design of a classroom can be an element to improve the general well-being and motivation of the pupils. A well-being and motivation that is essential to ensure the acquisition of a given subject.

Skolforum 152919 The effect of the physical room on learning

Advisors can help to carry out the process

At the end of conference Monday and Tuesday, a panel of experts debated the theme “To plan, build and run a school, everything is connected” (At planera, bygga och driva skola, allt hanger ihop). Many themes were discussed, but the overall conclusion was, that it is important for the schools to seek help from advisors, when they plan a new school or when they want to change the mindset, because it is a complicated process to carry out. The school projects should combine both the requests of the Organisation (management, teachers and pupils), the Physical space (uilding and interior design) and the Pedagogical Mindset carried out within the school in order to be a success.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Højer Møbler, if you would like to hear more or need inspiration on how to design the Classroom of Today that can also meet the requirements of tomorrow.

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