Ørestaden school

Furnished in cooperation with CORE Arkitekter

At Ørestad Skole the pupils are not seated in rows like in a traditional school. The classrooms are furnished with mobile, triangular tables and swivel chairs with gas cylinders. Furthermore, all pupils have their own seat cushion for them to sit where it is most convenient for them to work/learn. Every spot at the school is designed as a potential learning space and at Ørestad skole it is possible to work all around the school. The pupils are still divided in separate classroom, but the architects have broken with the traditional long and narrow hallways – and all corridors are furnished with furniture in various heights and in different materials.

Hojer Mobler Ørestad Skole 121 Ørestaden school
Hojer Mobler Ørestad Skole 125 Ørestaden school

Mega furniture

A custom designed playhouse is a good example of Mega furniture on the school. It is upholstered with wear-resistant microfiber at the interior and has been constructed based on the architect’s drawings hence becoming an urban installation at the school.

Play with forms and colours

Several places within the school this simple interior design and colour strategy is used to encourage the pupils to use the furniture actively as a sort of building blocks. Consequently, the furniture is never placed the same way for two days in a row.

Hojer Mobler Ørestad Skole 373 Ørestaden school
Hojer Mobler Ørestad Skole 321 Ørestaden school

A world of LEGO

Pupils from 6 to 16 years attend the school and each level is adapted to the individual year group. The LEGO Universe, as we call it, is situated close to the pre-paratory classes. In the middle of the room a robust table is furnished with Lego plates. Furthermore, one wall is covered with Lego-plates and appears as an exciting alternative to a traditional blackboard or whiteboard to encourage the pupils to express themselves with Lego instead of words.
In another room close by the common area, the walls are covered with coloured bookcases. Coloured triangles placed over these bookcases ingeniously transform them into enticing playhouses. With a simple and complete colour strategy it is easy to find your way around the school and it becomes a simple task to gather everyone in the yellow or blue room.