Løgstør school case

Løgstør school is a medium size Danish school with pupils from the age of 6 to 16 years old.

The school has been built in 1968 and renovated a couple of times. In 2017, all the buildings of the school were renovated and furnished by Højer Møbler reusing a few of the old furniture.

In the common area for the lower secondary education, the school wanted to create a gathering place and an open area with a lounge atmosphere where the older students could also work in teams during lessons or present their work for the other students in small groups. In this way, the common areas are included in the classroom.

This design was popular and led to an integration of the common areas also for the younger pupils. The evaluation made by the teachers in collaboration with Højer Møbler was very positive and the same type of design was introduced to all classes at the school.

Logstor indskoling klasse1 Løgstør school case
Logstor mellemtrin faellesareal2 Løgstør school case

The renovation of the school led to a variation of furniture in the classrooms, but everywhere at the school, Højer Møbler designed cosy corners by using furniture and hereby also creating more open floor space.

Principle Klaus Toft comments on the new interior solution: “We are really pleased with the new common areas. The pupils love to be here, and they work perfectly both for teaching and as a lounge area”.