Gl. Hasseris school case

Gl. Hasseri School’s middle school teachers had a desire to redesign their classrooms to promote and support the desired pedagogy and didactics. The school size is 756 pupils – 3 classes at 3.4.5. that we need to work with.

At Gl. Hasseris school, we worked with the intermediare stage. The school wanted a new interior design to encourage and support the desired pedagogic and didactic approach.

Before getting in contact with Højer Møbler, the school had already evaluated the need for new furniture and had asked the pupils about their needs. First and foremost, they wanted a interior solution, which would give them the possibility to help each other and still find peace to work.

Gl.Hasseri klasserum hojbord flere kvm Gl. Hasseris school case
Gl.Hasseris klasserum bloedt miljo 1 Gl. Hasseris school case

These wishes resulted in various flexible solutions with many seats in different heights. The interior design gives mores open spaces, as well as secluded areas for contemplation. In the classrooms, there are different alternatives to standard chairs, and this has been a great success. Also, the corridors have been included in the project and here Focus booths and small niches create intimate spaces for learning. The pupils love the corridors for learning and free space.