Bork school case

At Bork school, the school management decided to let Zap Concept be an integrated part of the education at all six school grades. All pupils and teachers have their own personal Zap Board, which in connection with the wall-mounted Zap Rails and Zap Totem will transfer otherwise passive areas and outdoor rooms to efficient workspaces for both young and old.

In the classes, Zap boards have replaced parts of the furniture and in this way created more space for movement within the classrooms. Zap rails placed in various heights on the walls offer possibilities for the pupils to change their work position without disturbing the education or other pupils. The Zap Totems that are placed in the common areas at the school are popular and are often used, when pupils need to work individually or in groups.

Bork Zap Concept Bork School

Zap boards can be used alone, in wall rails or on the Zap Totem

Zap Totem increases social networking

The Zap Totem can be delivered in an outside version

“Zap has resulted in a much better flexibility in the education and created more room for movement and better possibilities for differentiated learning”, says Jens Otto Pedersen, principle at Bork School

At Bork School, they have lots of experience with letting the pupils establish the framework for their own learning spaces. Often the teacher gives a short introduction to the given subject and then the pupils grab a Zap Board and work independently or in group, at the place that suits their purpose best. They can even choose to go outside to work.

In this way, Zap Concept helps to support active learning, as they pupils always has access to a functional and mobile workspace. Some of the pupils feel more comfortable working alone, while it enhances their concentration. Others seek the company of other pupils working around the Zap Totem.