Motivating landscapes both inside and outside

Zap Concept is far more than a piece of furniture – it’s a way to think about learning. Zap Concept, in conjunction with the school’s other inventory, can help create motivating learning landscapes that challenge students’ creativity and allow them to unravel their own potential and style of learning. It is about utilizing spaces inside as well as outside of the school building. All the attractive areas of the school can be utilized, thus opening up more space for the individual and better opportunity to implement movement in class.

Motivation is necessary, knowledge does not happen by itself

What do you do to solve a difficult task that challenges you? You will probably put yourself in a place where you feel comfortable? Maybe you are looking for peace and quiet, so you do not get disturbed by others? Or maybe you feel better with a nice view? If you have the opportunity, you will certainly try to create the most optimal conditions, that motivate and support you as much as possible – and that’s precisely what Zap Concept can do!

Zap Concept is always developing

At Højer Møbler, we constantly try to increase our knowledge and product range. We follow closely the developments that take place both didactically, socially and politically in order for us to meet the wishes and needs of schools, but also constantly aim for better well-being and learning for the students. Based on the knowledge and experience we get from the schools that have already implemented Zap Concept, we continue to develop and expand Zap Concept with new supplementary products from Højer Møbler. Further information can be found at