Zap Trolley

Zap Trolley

Zap Trolley

Zap Trolley is a practical and stable wagon for transporting Zap Boads. Whenever there is a need to store and move the Zap boads together, the Zap Trolley is an ideal and flexible solution. At the same time it is comfortable to move around, as the height and position of the handle makes it easy to maneuver. Moreover, the handle is at a comfortable height, so anyone can use it. Zap Trolley is equipped with 4 wheels, which makes it easy to move a set of Zap boards from one room to another even overcoming small obstacles such as door steps etc. Furthermore, all four wheels are provided with brakes, thus giving freedom to park/place the Zap Trolley wherever you want.

When moving the Zap Trolley, you can use the rubber bands for fixation in order to prevent the Zap boards from moving. Similarly, other items like drawing boards, cushions, books etc that you want to move from room to room can also be clamped.

It is possible to store a set of 26 Zap board’s in the Zap Trolley.


Højer Møbler A/S.


Height Width Depth
89 cm 50 cm 40 cm



Zap Trolley: 13 kg.
Zap Board: 1,7 kg.
Max load: 85 kg.

Colors and materials


Manufactured from 15 mm plywood plates. Surface with clear UV lacquer.

birk Zap Trolley

Lacquered birch plywood

Rubber band – available in several colors

Zap 5 Zap Trolley



grå bec0bf Zap Trolley


mørkegrå Zap Trolley

Dark Gray

hvid 1 Zap Trolley


sort Zap Trolley


f2478 Zap Trolley


f6901 Zap Trolley


f7845 Zap Trolley


f7897 Zap Trolley


k1019 Zap Trolley