We are all different from one another, when it comes to height and stature and in many learning environments, there is a need to adjust furniture to different types of students and teachers. Wobbly is the new height adjustable stool from Højer Møbler. It meets the demands of modern learning institutions, as it is both height adjustable and also has a movable part in the base, making it possible to “wobble” while sitting on the stool. The foot remains stable and makes sure that the stool does not tilt. From an ergonomic point of view, Wobbly allows for a varied sitting position and also supports students and teachers when they work in an upright position. It is complementary to other chairs in class rooms, natural science or other common areas.

The gas cylinder can be exchanged in order for the stool to be adjusted to a standard table height or a bar table height. It is ideal in combination with Højer Møblers Zap Totem, where Zap boards can serve as a table top in different heights.

With the soft PUR seat Wobbly offers a comfortable place to sit. The design is simple and easy to combine with other furniture, allowing a minimalist and modern expression.


Højer Møbler A/S

Dimensions and Specifications

Height adjustment

Gascylinder M = 34-42 cm (200 N)
Gascylinder L = 38,5-52 cm (200 + 300 N) 
Gascylinder XL = 45,5-65 cm (200 N – only 200N with XL)
Gascylinder XXL = 54-80 cm (300 N )

Colors and materials

Black pur seat foot is with non-slip bottom. Diameter 40 cm.