Rustik-A workspace

Rustik-A workspace

As the name suggests, the Rustik-A workspace has been named because of its rustic look and choice of material. The workspace simplifies the task of working with projects that demands for the use of tools, glue, paint etc. which may leave scratches or marks from time to time. Rustik-A endures most of it and is designed to be used. The wooden construction is made by excess wood however with a polished surface to avoid splinters etc. The Rustik-A workspace is a place for creativity, where many projects – small as big – can be designed and carried out. Rustik-A is an ideal base in woodwork and art and crafts classrooms as well as in Makerspaces, Fab Labs or in other areas at the school, where a rustic furniture can provide a team workspace. The sides of the furniture are equipped with a metal wire netting, which provides a base for suspension of tools and materials in S-hooks. If more space for storage or fixture is needed, Rustik-A is not too delicate for screws or nails to be fixed on to the frame. Moreover, the workspace is well-suited as a display podium and the top bar can be “styled” individually with lamps, plants etc. to visually indicate a specific theme.

We suggest to encourage the notion of sustainability in creative subjects and use the Rustik-A workspace in combination with recycling material as egg tray, milk cartons, toilet paper rolls etc.. The only limit with Rustik-A is your imagination!


Højer Møbler A/S.


Height Length Depth Height
190 cm inkl. wheel 200 cm 120 cm 90 cm

Be aware of access conditions as the table is delivered together.  


Edge A: 

kant Rustik A workspace

Colors and materials

Body /Materials

Frame and tabletop in polished excess wood, metal wire nettings at both ends for e.g. suspension of tools and materials, 4 wheels with brakes

Colours/Wood species/Surface treatment

The Rustik-A workspace is delivered in wooden planks of excess wood.

birk Rustik A workspace

Lacquered birch plywood

Environment – Sustainability

Rustik-A is designed by Højer Møbler and is made of excess wood at a local socio-economic workshop, which motivates, strengthens and prepares young people both socially and professionally for a job or a youth education through autodidact learning and repair work in the workshop.

S-hooks in metal for suspension of tools or the like.