Ørestaden library

Furnished in cooperation with CORE Arkitekter

Night and day

The library at Ørestaden hums with activity both morning and evening, as it is also a library with public access. This is where people meet across ages and with different interests. A comfortable chair, a bench, a possibility to install oneself all through le library. In small teams or alone to be absorbed in a book and maybe travel to another world or place.

Hojer Mobler Ørestad Bibliotek 54 Ørestaden library
Hojer Mobler Ørestad Bibliotek 4 Ørestaden library

Study places

The high tables situated with a good view over the entire library form an open sitting/standing area that appeals to a large audience. Behind the high tables a series of lower tables in solid oak makes it possible to conduct various workshops and social events, whenever there is a need for extra space.
Both work areas are available for the students that want to sit here and study.
In the evenings, a number of activities are carried out. The library accommodates many possibilities for smaller lectures and presentations, where the listeners can either sit or stand while listening.

The inspiration room

The heart of the Ørestad library is the huge custom tailored StudyPlay furniture. It seems like a magnet and invites to interaction between children and adults. From above there is access to several bookcases that display the frontpages of the books. There are upholstered seats and lids that cover certains cases and at the same time form a tabletop. In the center of the installation a large cave lined with mirrors in 360 degrees perspective. Both young and older pupils use the cave to read and for a social meeting point. In the top of the cave a plexiglass window ensures light in the cave. Studyplay is a piece of furniture to experience and explore. Here literature meets children and adults at eye level.

Hojer Mobler Ørestad Bibliotek 3 Ørestaden library
Hojer Mobler Ørestad Bibliotek 19 Ørestaden library

The performative room

Ørestad library is a living library – a frame surrounding many different social get-togethers. This requests quite a lot of the flexibility and the landscape of the room.
Practically all furniture at Ørestad library is movable, but however not all furniture is easy to move. If the furniture is equipped with visible wheels and appears too light in construction the room will loose its calmness and balance.