Mute Table Top

MUTE table top

After a long day of work and school, many teachers and students return home with, not only new knowledge, but also with a headache because of the high noise levels in school environments. Therefore, at Højer Møbler A/S we have developed a product that can reduce the problem.

Our unique MUTE tabletop is designed to dampen the noise that comes from interaction with the table. The soundproofing structure of the tabletop makes it ideal for large-scale offices, meeting and administration environments, where noise from keys, pencils and other hard objects against the tabletop can be significantly dampened with MUTE.

However, MUTE is weaker against impact and impact of sharp objects than a traditional student table. On the other hand, it is suitable for canteen environments, where the sound from, for example, dishes and cutlery can be a challenge for a comfortable indoor environment. Our audio measurements, performed by DELTA*, shows a clear noise reduction of 18 dB compared to a standard tabletop. By comparison, a reduction of a noise level of approx. 10 dB is perceived as a 50% reduction of the noise and therefore, with the MUTE tabletop, you get a significant reduction of noise.


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