Krea cart

Krea cart

The Krea cart is a storage solution, which is developed for classrooms for Arts and Crafts, Makerspaces and other creative environments. In the Krea cart you can store everything from cardboard, paper and fabric rolls to writing and painting tools, fabric samples, buttons and glue etc. All that is need for creative subjects. The Krea cart can – when it is not in use – be left in tall cabinets with glass doors to avoid the compartments to collect dust. The flexible cart has wheels and can be pulled around in the classroom or within the area of the school.

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Højer Møbler A/S.

Dimension and specifications

Width: 90 cm

Dypth: 60 cm

Height: 91 cm (incl. wheels)


Colours and materials


Corpus in lacquered birch plywood with visible plywood edge.


Body in varnished plywood with visible edges.

lige kant kreavogn 300x290 Krea cart

kant a 300x155 Krea cart

Colours corpus

birk lakeret Krea cart
Varnished birch

Colors laminate – drawers / top

ahorn Krea cart


boeg Krea cart


Oak Krea cart


grå Krea cart

Light grey

Mouse Krea cart


mørkegrå Krea cart


Leaf Green Krea cart

Leaf green

Capri Krea cart


Dusty Jade Krea cart

Dusty jade

Denim Krea cart


F3007 Pale Olive swatch Krea cart

Pale Olive

F4156 Caramel swatch Krea cart


F0187 Kashmir swatch Krea cart


F1998 Oslo swatch Krea cart


F2005 Paprika swatch Krea cart


hvid 1 Krea cart


sort Krea cart


specialfarve Krea cart

Special color


Krea cart 1

thumb kreavogn 300x213 Krea cart

Model with drawers

Including top and 3 drawers in plywood with high pressure laminate. Moreover there is an open space at the end of each top for storage of fabric or paper rolls.


Krea cart 2

Kreavogn q3 300x226 Krea cartkreavogn q5 300x208 Krea cart

Model with shelves
at one side – 16 shelves for cardboard and paper in A4/A3 format. On the other side – 4 large shelves for storage boxes.

Choose between 2 different tops: 


kreavogn top 1 300x231 Krea cart
Top 1 with 6 compartments + 1 extra compartment at the end.


kreavogn top 2 300x225 Krea cart

Top 2 with 8 small, 2 medium, 1 big compartment and 1 extra compartment at the end.