Fairytale alcove

The Fairytale alcove is an exciting cave design, that attracts both young and older pupils. The furniture represents a sanctuary for the pupils, where they can relax whenever a break is needed. In the Fairytale alcove the pupil gets the chance to reload – and is more protected from noise and activities. The mattress inside the alcove and the length of the cave gives the pupil the opportunity to lie and sit for instance with a book, read a fairytale or a science fiction story or play with a small piece of toy. It offers space for contemplation and the pupil is recharged for new activities and learning. Ideal for libraries, common areas at the school or maybe for the classroom. In the cosy reading cave the pupil can be absorbed in a fantasy world – alone or with others, have a confidential talk with a teacher or relax with other pupils.

The furniture can either be placed against a wall or it can stand alone in the room as a room divider.
It can set the frame for fairytales and adventure or inspire for creativity. The hole pattern makes the furniture look adventurous and magical, but at the same time it makes the sides more transparent and playful. Slightly protected, the pupil can still see what is going on in the room. Additionally, the two lower holes at each side form a handle for easy handling of the furniture.


Højer Møbler A/S.

Measurements and specification

Height Length Depth
150 cm 150 cm 62,5 cm

Cushion measurement: L147 cm x D 62,5 cm x H 10 cm

Colors and materials


Body in 15 mm plywood plates with high pressure laminate on both sides, which enhances the resistance of the alcove. The edges are visible, rounded plywood edges. In the alcove a 10 cm cold foam cushion with upholstery is mounted. The Fairytale alcove is delivered assembled. NOTE – remember to check the dimensions for accessibility.

Laminate colour

boeg Fairytale alcove


ahorn Fairytale alcove


Oak Fairytale alcove


hvid 1 Fairytale alcove


grå Fairytale alcove

Light grey

Mouse Fairytale alcove

Dark grey

mørkegrå Fairytale alcove


Citadel Fairytale alcove


Graphite Fairytale alcove


sort Fairytale alcove


Otter Fairytale alcove


F0187 Kashmir swatch Fairytale alcove


Leaf Green Fairytale alcove

Leaf green

F3007 Pale Olive swatch Fairytale alcove

Pale Olive

Possum Fairytale alcove


Ocean grey Fairytale alcove

Ocean grey

Dusty Jade Fairytale alcove

Dusty jade

Capri Fairytale alcove


Grotto Fairytale alcove


Denim Fairytale alcove


F1998 Oslo swatch Fairytale alcove


Fossil Fairytale alcove


F2005 Paprika swatch Fairytale alcove


F4156 Caramel swatch Fairytale alcove


specialfarve Fairytale alcove

Special color


Taurus semi-leather (standard), Lido, Lido Trend, Wooly
specialfarve Fairytale alcove
Wide color range


Felt bulletin board placed at the back of the alcove in 100% recyclable PET