Crea Wall

Crea Wall

The possibility for play on vertical surfaces creates the possibility for new and creative developmental opportunities. Crea Wall lays the foundation for play, learning and many hours of creative expansion. Crea Wall is a useful tool in learning, where play with Lego® can be incorporated in most subjects. Is suitable for both classrooms, common areas, school library and for rooms used both for class and after school activities.



krydsfinerskant lego wall 150x150 Crea Wall

Crea Wall is constructed with 18 mm plywood coated with laminate. Visible plywood edges. The surface of Crea Wall is covered in LEGO boards (in gray). Thickness: 2,2 cm inlcuding LEGO boards. The wall consists of 3×3 standard LEGO boards. Crea Wall is mounted on the wall with the supplied mounting brackets.


crea wall tegning Crea Wall

Length: 115,5 cm. Width: 115,5 cm.