Besog fra Frankrig ”Green visit” from France

The fact that Højer Møbler aims to set a green agenda, is not only an issue locally in the northern part of Denmark. On Friday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Joël NTSONDÉ, who is writing a pHD for PSL Research University in Paris regarding sustainability. The visit is a part of Joëls tour in Aalborg to exchange experiences with companies from the northern part of Denmark and with the community of Aalborg city. Experiences which will hopefully later on, give inspiration for at more complete circular economy for the public administration in Paris. At the same opportunity, Joël NTSONDÉ visited the school of Vester Hassing to gather experiences on how to integrate recycling in school interior design and how classrooms can be furnished to improve pupils’ responsibility and motivation.

katederhule vh skole5 ”Green visit” from France
Cave for young pupils manufactured from reused wood by a local socioeconomic company, Råt og Godt

Did you know that:
• The owner of Højer Møbler, Jens Højer, is Chairman of the Board of NBEN (Network for sustainable business development in the Northern part of Denmark).
• Højer Møbler won a public tender for the city of Aalborg for school furniture, which as the first of its kind was based on green purchasing principles.
• Højer Møbler works actively with The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)