Interior design of resource rooms

When Højer Møbler designs resource rooms or work with rooms for special education for pupils with various learning disabilities or specific needs, the shielded space is essential. Throughout the recent years, we have worked with a large range of pupils with specific needs or diagnoses and hereby achieved quite a lot of experience in this particular field.

Overblik specialafsnit Interior design of resource rooms

For the pupil attending a school with special education or a resource room at a general school, the education is often set up individually according to the history, as well as the emotional and cognitive preconditions of the child. The development and future opportunities for well-being of the child are challenged, which means that even in educational situations there is a need for a differentiated and purposeful approach taking into account the possibility to engage with the outside world.
When a school must be furnished for individual education, there is a need for small rooms with several niches that can create tranquility and a sense of security during teaching sessions. Hence niches and separation walls help separating the room in several smaller rooms.

In the following examples, you can see, how we have designed two school with resource rooms: Godhavn school (Danish text) and Maglegårdskolen (Danish text):

Often, children with special needs are very sensitive about personal space and desks should not be placed too close to other students however without making the pupils feel isolated. In this way, each pupil can dispose of his/her own personal workspace. Shielded and protected. Tranquility for better concentration.
The den behind the niche.


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