Creativity and Innovation are essential elements of the 21st Century Skills and Højer Møbler is proud to introduce a new furniture concept for all types of creative subjects. We have been overwhelmed by the receipt of this product line and are happy to see that the need for creative inspiration and craftsmanlike settings are still needed. In modern schools and future-proof learning environments, there is a great need for tools to support creative subjects and we have developed a series of products that naturally motivates students to be creative.
21century Art and Crafts products

Take a look at the new furniture for Art and Crafts classrooms here: Krea cartCabinet for Krea cartMood Board benchor take a peek below.

Rustik-A workspace

Rusik A bord Art and Crafts products

Rustik-A workspace is very robust and is designed to be used. The wooden construction is made by excess wood however with a polished surface to avoid splinters etc. The Rustik-A workspace is a place for creativity, where many projects – small as big – can be designed and carried out.

Cabinet for Krea cart

Hojskab kreavogn4 1 Art and Crafts products

The functional cabinet is the ideal storage solution for creative learning spaces like Arts and Crafts classrooms and Makerspaces. The cabinet contains 3 shelves at the top and an open area underneath, where the Krea cart can be “docked” when not in use. In this way dust and dirt will not be collected in the upper part of the cart. The cabinet is without plinth and hence the cart can easily be installed in the cabinet or taken out as needed. Moreover, the cabinet is supplied with glass doors (hardened glass) to ensure an easy overview of the content of the cabinet from a distance.

Krea cart

kreavogn q6 Art and Crafts products

The Krea cart is a storage solution, which is developed for classrooms for Arts and Crafts, Makerspaces and other creative environments. In the Krea cart you can store everything from cardboard, paper and fabric rolls to writing and painting tools, fabric samples, buttons and glue etc. All that is need for creative subjects. The Krea cart can – when it is not in use – be left in tall cabinets with glass doors to avoid the compartments to collect dust. The flexible cart has wheels and can be pulled around in the classroom or within the area of the school.

Kreavognx y 300x224 Art and Crafts productsKreavogn z 300x246 Art and Crafts products

Top for Krea cart, 6 compartments                                            Top for Krea cart, 14 small compartments

Moodboard Bench

mood board baenk 2 Art and Crafts products

Moodboard bench with a bulletin board is a neat sitting niche which also serves as bulletin board for display of pupils’ projects or as brainstorming/moodboard.

Højskab til Kreavogn PROTOTYPE NY Page 2 Image 0002 Art and Crafts products

Design proposition for Art and Crafts classroom – contact us, if you need more details or if you want us to design your new Art and Crafts classroom or maybe a Makerspace area at your school