Workshop case

Runneryd school in Nässjö municipality in Sweden is a school with approx. 600 students and 80 employees. The school is located in an area with many immigrants and approx. 65% of the children speak a language other than Swedish as their mother tongue. The school’s values are based on joy, diversity, peace of mind and creativity.


Nässjö municipality was planning to build a new Runneryd school. The purpose of the new school is, among other things, to act as a pilot project for future school constructions in Nässjö. This means that many new approaches will be tested and evaluated in the project. At a meeting with Højer Møbler’s export department in the beginning of 2015, the school expressed a desire to start a process of change and transformation in order to find the most appropriate design of the future school. The management wanted to include the staff in the process in order to ensure future ownership. They wanted to bring new thoughts to the mix, as well as draw inspiration from other schools. Two important elements of the process on Runneryd school was to create a cross-cultural dimension, and that the changes were made with respect for teachers and pupils, as well as their internal relationships.


Højer Møbler offered to facilitate a workshop at the school, where the staff was challenged in the way we design the interior of schools today. They also got an assignment to define what needs the school wanted to fulfill in the new school building. The workshop was carried out through group work, presentation and small exercises, where the participants themselves worked with wishes for the future design solution. The focus of the day was on future competences, the correct base of learning and the room as a setting for learning.

“The wood industry is highly represented in our area and that is precisely why it was relevant to discuss what we should teach in order to think in new, innovative solutions and work in teams – and that our physical space should support this.”

Kjell Wikstrand

Former deputy head teacher

“We received an exciting presentation from Højer Møbler and got many exciting ideas to bring back home. The solution of taking the staff out of their comfort zone made sense, as it helped us to look at our learning environments in a solution-oriented way.”

Eva Borefur

Former Headmaster


The workshop was held as a full day event with all 80 staff members present and participating. To headmaster Eva Borefur, it was a welcome input, which let the school staff look at their learning spaces from a new perspective.

“In the first phase of the process of change, a workshop can be a really good investment, because it can uncover needs that might not be obvious to the people who work at the school every day.”

Eva Borefur

Former Headmaster


After the workshop, Runneryd school wanted to share the new ideas with other schools in the municipality. Højer Møbler facilitated a study tour for 12 headmasters from Nässjö muncipality to visit schools in Copenhagen. The purpose was for the visitors to get inspiration from Danish learning spaces. Runneryd School is in continued collaboration with Højer Møbler to define the final solution and design of the new Runneryd School where the first part of the school is to be inaugurated in august 2017.