• The workshop is being held at the location of the participating group
  • The workshop can be adapted to the needs of the participants, so that the subject is relevant.
  • Activating learning space that enables change of scenery
  • Creating a learning space where we allow the pupil to be the best version of himself
  • If you have a wish or an idea for a theme, please feel free to contact us for a quote



A workshop is an action-oriented and dialogue-based study day for the staff.

The workshop is obvious to use as a starting point for a process of change for an educational institution, that wants to work actively with its learning environments. Participants will go home with a new knowledge about the relationship between motivation, learning and the physical space/interior design. They will gain inspiration on how to create appropriate interactions in the classroom through the physical framework. Participants may also choose to use the day to define their success criteria in the context of the further change.




Get carried away and inspired by a workshop fitted to your needs over the course of half a day.


Bring your needs into focus and get inspired and activated on a full day workshop.

If you have a wish or idea for a theme, please contact us for an offer. You can also see how a workshop has helped others.