• 3 participants minimum
  • The tour is constructed based on the groups wishes for theme and location
  • The activating learning space that enables change of scenery
  • If you have a wish or an idea for a theme, please feel free to contact us for a quote

Study tour

On the study tour, Højer Møbler invite the construction committee, school staff, the administration or other stakeholders on a tour of selected Danish schools.

Our learning space specialists will showcase some exciting furniching solutions and environments and talk about what has been done and why. The participants will get inspiration and be challenged on their perception of learning spaces. They will experience how different interior design solutions work within the daily school day. The participants are also going to hear from the users of the room and about their experience with the furniture. There will be plenty of rooms to see, feel, listen and ask questions on the study tour and vocalize what is experienced. The participants will return with a head full of inspiration, a team building experience and a unified and shared vocabulary on learning spaces.



Spend an exciting day with Højer Møbler as guide, when our learning space specialist invites you on a tour of the educational institutions of the country. Set aside a couple of hours for planning, and save money on the total expense. You plan your own transport, food and drinks.


Lean back and get carried away. We supply guide, program, transport, food, drinks and tickle your collective brains with small exercises, inspiring presentations and energizers.

If you have a wish or an idea for a theme, please contact us for an offer. You can also see how a study tour has helped others.