• An inspirational seminar is an effective and fast way to inspire a large audience.
  • It is a priority to create room for questions and dialogue during the seminar.
  • The inspirational seminar has a duration of approximately 45 minutes
  • The inspirational seminar can be held at the participating educational institution, or “away from home”
  • The activating learning space that enables change of scenery
  • Stimulating learning spaces
  • Learning spaces and life time value

Inspirational seminar

A chance for the management, staff team, school board or the entire school to gain new knowledge about the link between motivation, learning and the physical space through an inspirational seminar.

An inspirational seminar can be both provocative and inspiring and can allow the participants to view the learning space from a new perspective. An inspirational seminar is used, typically, as a kickoff event, when an educational institution wants a remarkable change of the physical learning space. The change can take place on several levels from remodeling and construction of new learning spaces, to redecoration existing rooms. Through the inspirational seminar, we take a look at existing cases and analyze what has had a good effect, and what to avoid. We will delve into what current research is telling us in relation our concerns about the interior design of spaces for learning. The participants will walk out of the inspirational seminar with a motivation to begin the process of changing and developing new learning spaces.



Get floored by one of our tried and tested presentations. We will focus on the general challenges and problems we encounter on most schools in Denmark and abroad.


Give us your input to what possibilities and challenges you face and let us prepare an inspirational seminar centered around your situation. Let us help you get to the core of what is important in your exact situation.

If you have a wish or an idea for a theme, please contact us for an offer for a specific event. You can also see how an inspirational seminar has helped others.