• The event will be held at the location of the participating educational institution.
  • How do we ensure that our new learning space solution is succesful?
  • If you have a wish or an idea for a theme, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

Implementation event

An implementation event is held as a step of a process, where an innovative learning space is being developed, and where you want to get full effect of the change.

The purpose of the event is to create ownership with the students, staff, school board or the parent group in order for the implementation of the new learning space to be successful. The event a is purposely staged activity, that seeks to activate the participants and create full awareness on unspoken challenges, which can emerge in an implementation process. The event can e.g. consist of a competition, a game, an expedition or similar, and it would be obvious to use the event as a part of students school day. With a playful attitude, the participants will get to use the room, to create ownership and understanding of the room. The administration will reap bigger and faster results and a better outcome of the innovative learning space.



Get a custom event, which you facilitate with counsel and sparring from us.


Become engaged in a longer process with a full day introduction, a guided course over a longer period, and a whole-day finale, collecting of results and evaluation.

If you have a wish or an idea for a theme, please contact us for an offer. You can also see how an implementation event has helped others.