Work environment

Work environment

A high working standard is, for Højer Møbler, about creating a physical, mental social environment at the workplace, which contributes to our coworkers quality of live and positive relations with customers, suppliers, and collaborators.


With both production, administration and consultants on the road, the physical working environment at Højer Møbler A/S is often in focus. It is handled by our environment and work environment organization (MAMO), which our employees always have the possibility to contact for advice, guidance and wishes for work environment improvements. They ensure that safety in production, on the road and in the offices is up to highest standards. Also, it means that lighting, indoor climate, fixtures and equipment is supporting daily life. Højer Møbler has also chosen to have a smoke-free environment.


Our employees are our biggest resource, and it is therefore always a priority, that our employees are looking forward to getting to work and feeling appreciated. This is practiced through a flat hierarchy and trust-based management, where values ​​such as freedom of responsibility, flexibility and job satisfaction are in focus. We also hold annual development talks where the employee’s well-being in daily life and future ambitions are discussed. We also encourage all our employees to be aware of each other and to learn from each other. This creates both trust, friendship and insight across the company.


It is important to Højer Møbler that the employees are well-educated and receive continuous training. It helps to make Højer Møbler competitive and ensures that each employee gets the opportunity to expand his experience in his job.

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We work actively to improve the working environment, which is done through our work environment management system, which we received in February 2016 after OHSAS 18001:2008. This has also given us a green crown smiley by the Labor Inspectorate, given to companies that have made extraordinary efforts to ensure a high working environment standard.

Policies – Working environment

Højer Møbler wants to continue to be an attractive workplace that attracts and maintains committed and competent employees by:

  • Practice a flat organization where we do our utmost to help each other and customers.
  • Maintain a safe and healthy workplace in an innovative environment where everyone is physically and mentally fit.
  • Commit to prevent injury and work-related illnesses, and continuously improve our work environment management system and work environment performance.
  • Take social responsibility by creating room for everyone.
  • Encourage and enable competence development.
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