Quality and Warranty


Long life expectancy and circular economy

Højer Møbler traditionally delivers a high and consistent quality regardless of which field we work in. Consequently, we follow a strict quality management program, where we emphasize on an eco-friendly and sustainable development of furniture and always choose a high and robust quality during the whole process from selection of material to the actual creation of a product.

The key issue and fundamental element in our process of product creation is: To ensure the resources for the next generation.

All this to economise on the raw material of the earth and bring focus to eco-friendly decisions all through the process.

This means:

  • that our main focus is to create products with the longest possible life expectancy, in order for the product to be kept in a circular system hence ensuring the highest value for the longest period of time.
  • that we design and manufacture our furniture in modular designs where each wearing part can be replaced, and the product can be maintained continuously.
  • that WHEN the product must be discarded at the end, it can be dismantled and separated into different elements to be recycled.

We call this Circular Economy.


At Højer Møbler, we offer both products which we develop ourselves and we offer a selection of products manufactured by other suppliers. In this way, we offer a wide and comprehensive product range. We set high standards for the durability and stability of the furniture, no matter if it regards our own product line or products from other suppliers. With our experience and knowledge about learning environments, we know as a fact that the furniture is handled quite severely. And this applies even more when the room is used actively and there are many shifts during class.

Our experience tells us that the quality of our products is so high that we can offer 20 years warranty. So that is what we do!

All our products keep what we promise. Therefore, the 20-year warranty covers:

  • ALL kinds of product errors whether existing or occurring during normal use of the product.

The warranty does NOT cover vandalism or incorrect use of the product nor wearing parts as gas cylinders, wheels, rubber buffers etc..


Consult with us


We wish to be a professional, competent and inspiring partner to our customers. That is why we stay up to date with the latest pedagogic and didactic tools. We are interested in what interests our customers and keeps track of the latest research. We work hard with learning room experts, both nationally and internationally, which enables us to set new standards and trends within our field.

In our consultancy services, we wish to capture the dreams our customers have for their own learning environments, learning goals, educational practices and culture. The purpose is that we, together with the customer, find a solution that either supports employees and students wherever they are or who contribute to pushing the educational practice to where they want to be. At the same time, the solution must accommodate the customer’s budget, and we often help our customers prioritize which solutions create the greatest value, as well as make an investment plan that extends over a longer period of time.

It can be a big change when a customer wants to work actively with his learning room and that is why we offer a range of advisory services that can help facilitate this change process. We also advise when the customer wishes to run the process.

Interior design solutions

In a teaching and learning situation, there is often a need for the room to accommodate different and changing activities. There may be a need to gather classes across years, work project-oriented in groups, move, sit deeply alone, pull smaller groups aside for shorter or longer periods or something else. Every customer has his needs and our best job is to find a layout solution that best meets your wishes and needs.

We try, in our interior design solutions, to support the customer wherever they are, or where they want to be in their educational practice. the physical framework will naturally change the didactics and organization. The right interior design solution can help to:

  • Increase the students’ presence and motivation because they have the freedom to choose and take responsibility.
  • Increase learning and the desire to go to school.
  • Minimize noise.
  • Increase well-being and minimize bullying, by creating collaboration, freedom of movement, positive stimulation and close community.

Products and development process

At Højer Møbler we sell our own products, but we also sell items from other manufacturers. This is to offer our customers a wide and versatile product range. We place high demands on the durability and stability of the furniture, whether it’s our own products or made by a supplier. This is due to our experience and knowledge of learning environments, which shows that the furniture is exposed to a significant load in daily use. This is even truer if the room is used actively and there are many changes of seating positions during the day. We are confident in the longevity of our furniture, especially with our proprietary products. This is both good for the environment and our customers’ finances.

In our development process, we closely follow the pedagogical and didactic development, and we try to be close to our customers, both through visits and dialogues. We see it as our finest task to observe the needs when they arise with our customers, even those that our customers are not aware of, so we can develop solutions that support the changing conditions of the educational practice.

The development process is supported by our interdisciplinary knowledge in ergonomics, learning environments, industrial design, the design of spaces, materials and production, as well as our 25 years of experience in furniture production for educational institutions. When we develop our products, safety during use is important to us, both in terms of chemistry and construction. We have tested several of our proprietary products at the Danish Technological Institute for evaporation and strength. At the same time, we test the durability and functionality of products at selected educational institutions when we develop a profound new product. Thus, we get concrete feedback that can be used in the future and in our last product improvements before we finally implement the product in our product range.


”Man is not made to sit passively, but to move and variate this movement. We put good ergonomics at the top of our product development, but our overall attitude is that the best sitting position is always the next. The student often spends a lot of time at an educational institution, and it is important that we through the solution offer a varied seating position.”

– Heidi Nørgaard Jensen, Former product manager, Højer Møbler A/S.


At Højer we create value for you by:

  • Deliver a high and consistent quality that exceeds the agreed requirements.
  • Acquire new knowledge and technology via networking.
  • Be in constant development with a focus on optimization.